Destination: Kunai Health Center

Dates: May 27-June 10

Leaders: Mr. & Mrs. Edwards

Cost: $5,325

P20130602-083000.jpgapua New Guinea

The island country of Papua New Guinea yields a myriad of sights and experiences. Hundreds of different language groups exist in this remote corner of the world, and many of these have not yet been reached with the Gospel.

Christ said, “Go ye into ALL the world, and preach the gospel to EVERY creature.”


We look forward to serving in:

  • Medical Clinics in the tribe / Hospital in Port Moresby
  • Evangelistic Outreaches in tribal villages and in the capital city of Port Moresby
  • Church services & Bible Clubs
  • Preaching, teaching, singing

Please pray for our team as we prepare for our mission trip:

  1. Pray that each team member continues to be a clean vessel so that he can be used for the Lord.
  2. Pray that each team member can raise the financial support needed to cover all costs the trip.
  3. Pray for the Missionary, as they help with the planning of our ministry activities.
Please visit this website often to keep up with the team’s activities.  We will periodically post UPDATES so that you will continue to know how to pray for us.  If the Lord leads you to support our team financially, you can make a donation.